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Prgf For Skin Hair in Enniskillen

PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) treatments are a revolutionary way to rejuvenate both the skin and hair, improving the skin tone and texture, increasing collagen production, and promoting hair growth.

PRGF is one of the world’s best documented cosmetic procedures, with over 20 years of clinical data. Along with that, it is also an entirely natural procedure, drawing plasma rich in growth factors from your own blood to help slow down the signs of aging.

Treatment Overview
Procedure duration
30-45 minutes
Return to work
24 hours
Within 3 months
From £250
How Does PRGF Work?

PRGF works by extracting growth factors and stem cells from your own blood plasma, which is then injected into the areas of concern to help stimulate collagen production and slow down the visible aging process.

Step 1

Your clinician will begin by collecting a small sample of blood from your arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge to separate the plasma which contains proteins that speed up the process of tissue regeneration.

Step 2

If required, a topical numbing gel will be applied prior to the treatment. Your skin will be cleansed and disinfected before any injection takes place.

Step 3

Once the PRGF solution is ready, your clinician will begin to administer this to the chosen areas using mesotherapy. This is a minimally invasive treatment involving micro-injections delivered directly to the meso-derm (middle layer of the skin). Mesotherapy uses a very small needle which results in a short, virtually pain-free session.

Step 4

The injected solution contains proteins which feature biological activity, stimulating tissue regeneration, increasing the thickness of the skin, improving luminosity, smoothness, and hydration in the skin. Resulting in a refreshed and youthful appearance.


The biggest green flag for PRGF treatment is that it is a completely natural treatment, with no contraindications and no possibility of allergic reaction to the product as it has come from your own body.

Patients report the following benefits:

  • Reduced and softened fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter and fresher complexion
  • No changes to facial features or ability to make facial expressions
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Rejuvenated, plumper and more youthful skin

You may notice some redness or feel mild discomfort during the procedure and in the hours following. However, side effects, if any, are very mild, temporary, and easily managed.

There is no risk of an allergic reaction to the product as the plasma is obtained entirely from your own blood.

More than half a million patients have been treated with PRGF technology without a single adverse outcome reported.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there are generally no unsuitable patients for this treatment as it is completely natural.

We would usually recommend that the best candidates for PRGF are those who wish to use it as a preventative measure, to slow down the aging process from around the age of 30, or alternatively from the age of 45 for regenerative and corrective purposes.

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